A Note from Don Carmody

I’ve always felt that the best way to learn about the film industry is in the asking of questions. When I was first starting out, I wish that I could have been able to speak with experienced filmmakers, but neither the technology nor the opportunity existed. Now it does. I am therefore trying to make myself available to answer young filmmakers’ questions and offer advice and counsel on the process. Please understand though, I am very busy and it sometimes will take a few weeks to respond.


Do not submit creative material.


Don Carmody Productions Inc. has a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance or consideration of materials, creative ideas or suggestions of any nature other than those specifically requested or commissioned by Don Carmody Productions.


We cannot under any circumstances accept unsolicited materials, even synopsis. This is not because we want to be mean or even so we aren’t overwhelmed, which we would be, but for very serious legal reasons. Every time we produce a successful feature film (and sometimes with not very successful ones) we get some idiot that tries to claim we stole their idea. These suits are frivolous and a nuisance, but they also cost us at least $20,000 to defend even if they have no merit. This isn’t just our company either, it is every legitimate producer’s policy. So no, we are not interested. If you want to submit material, get an agent. They know how to do it and cover us for legal issues.

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