Don Carmody TV, Peacock Alley Ink Distribution Deal

Don Carmody TV, Peacock Alley Ink Distribution Deal

March 27, 2014

The pact starts with the Canadian distributor handling international sales of “Echoes,” from “Stargate” writer Carl Binder, and Michael McGowan’s survivalist drama “Between.”

Don Carmody Television has tapped Peacock Alley Entertainment to co-produce two series now in development, including a serialized survivalist drama from Canadian writer/director Michael McGowan.

The pact, unveiled in time for MIP TV, will see Peacock Alley Entertainment handle international distribution for BETWEEN, which McGowan will direct, and ECHOES, a sci-fi series from STARGATE franchise writer/producer Carl Binder that is parked in development with Canadian broadcaster Bell Media.

Peacock Alley Entertainment will also raise international coin for the first two TV series from Don Carmody Television, which launched last year with an eye to making high-end, event TV series in Canada, whether pilots or full series.

Despite being new to TV, company principals Don Carmody and David Cormican have long track records in commercial movies, and sought a deal that was more than a distribution relationship.

Cormican, executive vp of Don Carmody Television, told The Hollywood Reporter they struck a deal with Peacock Alley that maintains upside at the back end, while encouraging sales of the series over the long haul.

“The deal we have is not laden with expenses, it’s very much a partnership where we are both risking, and there’s an incentive to ensure that the series do well over the long term,” Cormican explained.

ECHOES, comprising of 10 one-hour episodes, comes from the Emmy Award-winning VFX team and co-creators Ken Kabatoff, Andrew Karr, Mark Savela and Craig VandenBiggelaar.

Set in the year 2021, ECHOES follows the journey of Sonya, a young woman desperately trying to survive after the intergalactic battle of two warring extra-terrestrial species’ collides in to Earth and humans are the collateral damage caught in the crossfire of the new battlefield.

McGowan’s Mulmur Feed Co. will co-produce the one hour drama BETWEEN, which is executive produced by McGowan, Carmody and Cormican and Peacock Alley’s Carrie Mudd.

Mudd, president of Peacock Alley, and chairman Neil Court launched the indie producer/distributor in 2012.

Their original series slate includes UNUSUALLY THICKE, starring Alan Thicke, MONEY MORON, hosted by financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade, and BRAVE NEW GIRLS, starring Miss Universe beauty queen Jenna Talackova.