MIPCOM: Don Carmody Television Hires ‘Stargate’s Carl Binder for ‘Echoes’ Pilot

MIPCOM: Don Carmody Television Hires ‘Stargate’s Carl Binder for ‘Echoes’ Pilot

October 7, 2013

CANNES — Stargate’s Carl Binder has been tapped by Don Carmody Television to showrun and write the pilot episode for the sci-fi epic Echoes, now in development.

The hire follows Oscar-winning Canadian film producer Don Carmody (Chicago) moving into global TV drama production and securing the rights to Echoes from the co-creators Ken Kabatoff, Andrew Karr, Mark Savela and Craig Van Den Biggelaar.

Los Angeles-based Binder earlier worked for six years on the Stargate TV series franchise.

Echoes is set in the year 2021 and follows the journey of Sonya, a young woman trying to survive after two warring extra-terrestrial species bring their intergalactic battle to planet Earth.

The sci-fi series is being shopped this week to international buyers at MIPCOM and is understood to already be parked for development with a Canadian broadcaster.

“With Carl (Binder)’s mastery of the genre and one of the best sci-fi visual effects teams on the planet, we hope to bring the world and aliens of Echoes to life for the millions of fans of the genre the world over,” David Cormican, executive vp at Don Carmody Television, said Monday.

Carmody launched his TV production shingle earlier this year to make TV series in Canada, whether pilots or full series.

The target market is in part U.S. TV series that are shot in Vancouver or Toronto with local talent and crews and which can be done on a fee-for-work basis.

And on the domestic side, Carmody and Cormican will develop and produce with local and foreign partners high-end limited series and miniseries along the lines of HBO’s Game of Thrones and Showtime’s The Borgias.

The deal for Echoes was negotiated between Cormican and Bradley Glenn of Kaplan-Stahler Agency.